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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hi, lovies!

     Today I wanted to talk about a topic that people have been raving about lately: baking with baby powder. Yes, you heard me right (not that you can really hear me, but you get the idea), baking with baby powder! And no, not baking cookies.. That would be kind of dangerous I think. Maybe I should try that too? Kidding. Baking your face is a relatively new trend and all of the beauty bloggers and YouTubers have adopted it in their routine. But how does this work? Well, after you've applied your concealer, you dab a whole lot of translucent powder on that area and let it sit for several minutes. The results? Your concealer will never crease again and you will have the smooth face of a porcelain doll. The downside of this technique is that when using the wrong powder, you can get serious flashbacks when taking photos with flash. You have to be particularly careful with this one, because I heard a lot of stories where some makeup artist ruined a wedding photoshoot because she applied this translucent powder not careful enough. 
     But today I am here to teach you ladies how to bake your face (this kind of sounds like a horror movie, where the wicked witch stuffs you into the oven and bakes you into a pie, right?), without the inconvenience of flashback while also saving a lot of money! Who wants to pay $40 for a translucent powder when you can use a product that's only $2? 
     I first saw this trick on Instagram and I decided I would give it a go. And I'm glad that I did! I used the PENATEN Baby Powder and a regular sponge that you would apply your foundation/concealer/powder with. I left it to sit on my face for around 5 to 10 minutes while I did the rest of my makeup, and It worked incredibly well. At first I tought it would leave a white pelicule on my face and I'd look like Casper the ghost, but it swiped so neatly off my face with just a whiz of a brush, without leaving me white at all. My under-eye area just looked.. illuminated.
     For the sake of the experiment, I gave this three tries. the first try was for the previous post, where I took photos with flash. And guess what? No flashback!!! The second time was at work, where I stayed 6 hours. When I got home, it looked as flawless as it did when I'd applied it in the morning. The third go was yesterday night because I went to a party and I wanted to see how it lasts while dancing.. and it lasted so good! The concealer didn't crease at all and it stayed on my face all night long! You will see photos with the look from last night next week, with flash and all (actually I always take my makeup pics with flash).
Did I like it? Definitely! Will I incorporate this into my makeup routine? Just when I run out of my usual translucent powder. Do I recommend it? Well... I have mixed feelings, as it is a products that is not specifically made for the face. For proffesional use stick to your Laura Mercier, girl! But for personal use... I think it's your own decision to make. 
     Well, that is all for today! I hope you found this tip helpful and if you try it, let me know? What translucent powders have you tried and which ones have you loved/hated? Let me know in the comment section below! Also, sorry for the long post, but I wanted to make it as accurate as I can. Love, xoxo




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