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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hi, loves!

     Today's topic is a little bit different than usual. Today I wanted to talk about inspiration. What inspires me to do something, to have a certain outlook on things, to be me. Whether it's the weather, my lipstick or a certain color I see.
    Nowadays I am inspired by one of Pantone's colors of the year, which is similar to Glossier's - by the way, if you don't know what Glossier is about, they have amazing beauty products that you should check out! This color that I am talking about is a pink, a pastel kind of pink. And now, as it is spring outside and in our hearts (and you already know this is my favorite season of them all), you can see this color everywhere you go: in the cherry blossoms, in the spring outfits and in the cheerful makeup. And the more I think of this color, the more I want to portray it into our ordinary lives. So a simple question comes to mind: How can one infiltrate this color into the magic of our lives? Well, I have found a couple of ways. I am a girly-girl, but I don't wear lots of pink or lots of bright colors in general. I always go for more of a neutral look, but that doesn't mean I don't like a pop of color in my life. In this post, I am going to show you that pop of color in my life. 

     First I want to talk jewlery. I have always liked statement jewlery, big, massive ones, but I also have some feminine pieces with just a touch of pink. For example. I have these earrings and this necklace. To be honest, I can't even remember where I bought them from or what I've paid for them, because I've had them for quite a while now. But this isn't the point. The point is I have found a way to integrate this beautiful  and feminine pink into my wardrobe, without feeling they are too girly or corny. I love them and I feel like I've worn them a thousand times by now!

As for clothing, as I have previously mentioned, I do not own as many 'pink' items. But as I was rummaging through my closet, I was pleasantly surprised to find some powdery pink stuff.  I actually wear the plain one a lot, and I think it is perfect for the Spring weather, where it's not as cold to wear a thousand layers, but not as hot to be strutting in a T-Shirt. I even paired it with the necklace above for you to see how it works.

- the pattern blouse is from Atmosphere and the plain one is from Stradivarius -

Nail polish: OH-MY-GOD, I can' tell you how much I hate doing my nails! Bless the inventor of gel and semipermanent maniqure! ...but, for the times when I have to do my maniqure myself, I have three main options: clear, red, or this powdery pink that you can see below. This is a nail polish by Essence, it is a pink hued nude, and it has quite a matte-powdery finish. I like that it doesn't chip as easily, in comparison to other more expensive brands. I find myself wearing this color quite a lot, especially now that it is Spring.

Next, I wanted to include something non-beauty related. I may not wear a lot of pink, but I go crazy when it comes to cute notebooks, pens and just plain ordinary things like that. You will always find me running to the most eye-catching, most vibrant of them all, and, oh well, who can blame me? I bet when it comes to things like that, we all are suckers for the cute stuff, am I right? I present to you two awesome pink notebooks that I picked up for school! I mean, who doesn't love cupcakes and macarons?

As for makeup... I did my own version of pink. I just can't do pastel pink on my lips, I feel like it doesn't suit me and I just don't feel like myself wearing it. Instead, I used my kind of pink on my lips (which is actualy on the deeper, darker side of pink), and I used a rose-gold shadow on my lids. This look that I've created for today is the first cut-crease that I feel I've done a pretty good job at, but I know I still need a lot of practice so bear with me. It'll get better! I hope you enjoy this one as it is a bit different than anything I've done so far. Also, sorry for the cactus and the door in the background, but this is where I had the best lighting when I took the photos. So until I get a proper camera, prepare to see weird backgrounds!

Well, loves, I hope you enjoyed today's makeup look and ramble. Until next time, I just have one little question: how do YOU wear your pink? Love, xoxo




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