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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hi, loves!

     Today I want to review a product that I have bought a few weeks ago. I've used it a lot since then so I can write an accurate review for you and to tell you my honest opinion. Quite frankly.. I don't love it. Let's see why!

     I am going to start with the packaging. It kind of looks nice and expensive at first with the glass bottle, the black cap and the all around square appearance, except for some little details. The writing is glued to the recipient on a plastic foil. This is kind of funny because when I looked for this product on the internet, and to be more specific, on the DM site, the packaging looked significantly different: no writing on the glass bottle whatsoever (except for the shade number) and the Fit me! sign was actually printed on the black cap. And when I went to buy it, also from DM by the way, the packaging was different. I don't know, maybe there's a different packaging depending on the country you're buying it from, but I was kind of disappointed. Anywho, I decided to buy it anyway. Another aspect that I don't quite like about the packaging is that the black cap is made out of some sort of cheap plastic that I'm not so keen on. I feel like it will break so easily, but time will tell. On the bright side, the bottle comes with a pump, which I actually like. It gives you control on the amount of product you want to use and it's clean and hygienic.

     Now, let's get on to the actual product. As a disclaimer, I am based this review on my own personal experience, so that means that what's bad for me doesn't necessarily have to be bad for you, and vice versa. To start off, this is a product for normal to dry skin and I have combination skin. I bought this version only because they didn't have the one fore combination to oily skin but I really wanted to try it out, so maybe that's why it didn't work for me as well as I would've hoped to. Let's start with the consistancy: it is quite liquidy, but it does a nice job in terms of coverage (it gives small to medium coverage, but it is buildable). I normally use two pumps, as one pump is not enough for me because I don't have flawless skin and I need more coverage. It blends nicely into your skin and it doesn't leave that 'mask' effect. Plus, it makes your skin look rejuvenated and luminous. So it kind of does what it promises. The downside (for my skin) is that it wears off really quick and it has no transfer resistancy at all. I always have to wipe my phone after I hang up, as the screen is alway covered in foundation. If I apply my foundation in the morning, I'll have close to none left by the time I get home in the evening and also, after a few hours, my face will look as shiny as a disco ball. I don't know, I guess it's because my skin type, but I wouldn't repurchase it again. On the other side, I think it would do a great job for girls who have normal to dry skin.

     A few days ago I saw on the DM website that they also brought the version for combination to oily skin, so maybe I'll give that a try and see if it works better for my skin. Until then, I have another foundation on my list to try out which I am so excited about! I really hope you found this review helpful, and if so, let me know in the comment section below! Until net time! Love, xoxo



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