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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hi, loves!

     Oh, this weekend passed by like the wind, I tell you! Yesterday morning I went a bit to the gym, then I got home and cooked something because both me and my man were starving, then we went a bit shopping (if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you already know what I got) and then we went to the birthday party of a friend. We stayed there until about 00:30 and we came home and watched a movie. We didn't get to the end of the movie, of course, because we fell asleep like babies! Today we woke up sooooo late! We quickly ate some fruit and got out of the house. We visited some family and then went for a walk... And what a walk we had! Halfway through our walk it started literally pouring! It was raining cats and dogs, I'm not even kidding. We ran to our car, but the rain had already got us soaking wet. When we finally got home, we dried ourselves and we each took a pill so we won't catch a cold. 
     And then... inspiration came to me! I wanted to do this look for a while now, and I finally got to do it. I love how it's mainly a natural look, but it still has that pop of color. And I simply love how purple compliments my brown eyes! Want to see the final result? I'll leave you with the photos.
     Oh, and a quick thing before I forget. I decided that from now on I am going to take all my makeup shots with this black turtleneck on. Maybe I'll change my mind throughout the way, but for now I feel that it is the perfect piece of clothing for makeup photos, in the sense that it doesn't bring the focus away from the makeup. I hope you'll understand and that it won't be boring to see me every post with the same top on :)



  • NYX Studio Perfect Photo Primer - Clear
  • Fraulein38 Concealer Palette
  • L'Oreal Perfect Match Foundation - N2 Vanilla
  • Maybelline Fit me! Concealer - 10
  • NYX HD Studio Photogenic Translucent Powder
  • Sleek Contour Face Kit - Medium
  • Sleek Face Form - Fair


  • Sleek Brow Kit - Dark
  • Fraulein38 Concealer Palette
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk
  • Sleek Au Naturel Eyeshadow Palette - Toast, Taupe, Regal, Bark
  • Fraulein38 180 Eyeshadows Palette - purple shade
  • NYX Gel Liner
  • Maybelline The Collosal Volume Express Mascara


  • MaxFactor Lipfinity Liquid Lipstick - 190 Indulgent (used without top coat)
I hope you enjoyed today's post. Until next time! Love, xoxo




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